What is the role of the spiritual director?

As a spiritual director, I seek to create a safe space for your journey to be shared and held tenderly, with reverence. Compassionately listening, I come alongside you helping you uncover your deep desires and notice the presence of God in your everyday life. Rarely do I give advice or instruction, but rather I listen and guide – asking questions that enable you to learn, or be aware of, what you already know deep within.

Our conversation will always be held in confidence (unless there’s a question of personal safety involved). I am not a counselor or therapist, but I do make referrals available.

How is spiritual direction different from counseling or life coaching?

While there can be some overlap between spiritual direction, counseling, and life coaching, there are significant differences. Counseling is practiced by a licensed professional who often works with a client on a weekly basis to address a specific life problem or psychological diagnosis. Life coaching sets measurable goals and defined outcomes to be achieved in a specific number of sessions in a particular part of the client’s life. Spiritual direction is an ancient form of soul care that involves exploration, discovery and transformation. It is about the life-long sacred journey, a slow and progressive movement toward deeper connection and awareness of God and your true self.  

What is a typical session like?

Spiritual Direction sessions typically occur once per month but can be scheduled more frequently if you prefer or if it is best for your particular season of life. Our time usually begins with settling in and attuning ourselves to the presence of God in the present moment.  This is practiced in various ways – a moment of silence, prayer, a reading, or guided meditation. Then you are invited to share whatever is going on in life that feels important for the given time.  Together we open ourselves to the presence of the Holy Spirit in your journey, listening and discerning where God is present and what God’s invitation might be. The session ends by transitioning back into everyday life through silence, prayer, or a reading. Depending upon our time in the session, you may be encouraged to engage in spiritual practices in between sessions – practices that draw you into the presence of God and tend to the inner garden of your soul.  

What is the cost?

Spiritual direction is a purposeful and meaningful investment in your own spiritual formation, self-discovery and well-being. Each session is $50/ 1 hr. session.