“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

Everywhere we go we are inundated with messages vying for our attention, telling us who we should be, what we should buy, where we should go, and on and on.  As of late, this noise has been charged with all kinds of fear and anxiety around what the future holds and what to do about it.  These external messages are not always bad; however, within all the noise and busyness of our lives it can be a struggle to know which path is ours to take. tree-snowy-branch

To know the true hunger of our souls and connect with God we must slow down long enough to listen and notice the wisdom that is within and all around.  This type of listening takes discipline on our part and may be uncomfortable at first.  But when we muster the courage to lean into a regular practice, it has a way of opening us.  Further, this opening of our inner lives to the mysterious work of God invites transformation.  This transformative process brings greater wholeness and awakens our desire to be and join in the loving work of God in our world. 

I am happy to invite you to join me on this journey of learning to listen deeply through a workshop series I am offering this coming January. Deep Listening: A Contemplative Spiritual Practice Workshop is a four part workshop series focused on deep listening and cultivating an awareness of the presence of God through spiritual practices from the Christian contemplative tradition.  Each workshop is intentionally designed to provide you with time and space to allow your soul to breath, explore your inner life, and deepen your connection with the God.  My hope is that you walk away having discovered soul-nourishing practices that foster a continuous opening to the transformative way of Jesus.
The nature of our time together will be relational, informative, and experiential.  The format will loosely consist of learning a practice, experiencing the practice, debriefing as a group, and setting an intention.  You have the option to attend all four workshops or choose individual workshops that interest you and work with your schedule.  If you are only able to attend one or two workshops, I strongly recommend including the first workshop in your selection.  The introductory nature of the first workshop lays out a framework, explains contemplative spirituality, and provides the foundation from which all the other contemplative practices arise.  You won’t want to miss it (or any of the others for that matter)!!!

So, I encourage you (and a friend or two!) to join me as we explore and engage in practices that usher in a soul-filled way of living for the new year!  Click HERE or below to find further details on the workshops and how to register.  Be sure you don’t miss out on the Early Bird and 3 for 1 discounts (promo code:  EARLYBIRD, promo code: ALLFOUR, promo code: EARLYBIRDALLFOUR)


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